For export Akadama and Kanuma pumice         




Currently, due to the shortage of raw materials for Akadama

and Kanuma-pumice,We can not export this year.

However, We have a lot of raw materials for ss size Akadama this year, so only ss size Akadama can be exported in 1000L jumbo bag and 17L PE bag. Please feel free to contact us.


  Our company is leading manufacturer of gardening soil since 1957, and we have a large hot air dryer with a high production capacity.

Currently we are exporting the Akadama and Kanuma-pumice of ``HEIWA BRAND`` to South-Korea, Taiwan, China and Europe for Bonsai  enthusiasts.

Also we offer the Bonsai soil of made in Japan to the world.

 ★Export products:Akadama (the dried in Hot air 300℃, Tochigi prefecture),


 ★Shipment dates:7~21dates for Asia, 40~60 dates for Europe.
 ★Payment terms:After confirming the payment, we will shipping the products.
 ★Each size of Akadama and Kanuma-pumice is available for Mixed shipping.
 ★Shipping unit: 20feet container from one. japanese「heiwa」,
 ★Container loading capacity: about 2100bags(20t).


→for introduction of akadama and kanumapumice





akadama Large size 17L


akadama Middle size 17L


 akadama Small size 17L

extra small

 akadama Extrasmall size 17L


AKADAMA the dried in Hot air 300℃,17liter

Large       :15-25mm
Middle     :7-14mm
Small        :4-7mm
extra small:1-3mm
Weight    :11kg/pcs,

                  with respect to extra small is13.5kg/pcs
Volume    :17 liter



 「The hardness and component are different at a diggings area of akadama. the ingredients include, for example, the difference in content of the iron.


 It greatly divides it into a factor to control hardness, and there are two.


Firstly, dependent on the combination with oxide, and akadama which oxide has abundant becomes harder, but if there is too much oxide(example iron oxide), it adsorbs phosphoric acid, with that as a cause hindering the growth of plants.


The second, the hardness varies according to the way of the drying, that is to say a thing dried high temperature is more firm than a low temperature dried it, at the first stage.


Our akadama is firm by high temperature drying. but we do not make much of only hardness and keep it in mind to donate a thing of the quality suitable for the growth of the plants. 」 



akadama Large size 14L


akadama Middle size 14L


akadama Small size 14L

AKADAMA the dried in Hot air 300℃,14 liter

Large       :15-25mm
Middle   :7-14mm
Small      :4-7mm
Weight  :9.5kg/pcs
Volume  :14 liter








kanuma Large size 17L


kanuma Middle size 17L></TD>
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extra small

kanuma Extrasmall size 17L


(a hard class)

Large       :15-25mm
Middle     :7-14mm
Small        :4-7mm
extra small:1-3mm
Weight    :7.5kg/pcs
Volume    :17 liter


「The hardest kanuma-pumice (a product name: super hard class of kanuma-pumice) is rare. because a produced layer is limited, and size of grain is decided at the stage of the dig.


 For that reason, depending on the kind of the grain or season, it may be difficult to prepare in large quantities. 」





super hard kanumapumice Large size 14L              


 super hard kanumapumice Middle size 14L     


super hard kanumapumice Small size 14L    


(a super hard class)


Large       :15-25mm
Middle     :7-14mm
Small        :4-7mm
Weight    :6.5kg/pcs
Volume    :14 liter


KANUMA- pumice is used mainly in azalea(SATSUKI),it has a high water holding capacity suitable for azalea which likes water.

 in addition azalea is liable to lack of iron, then kanuma-pumice is rich in easy to absorb iron.


AKADAMA is superior in gas-liquid-solid three-phase of soil, for that reason akadama is widely used to replanted of  bonsai in general. pine,oak,etc...


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so we will contact you from the information.


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